Angelika Radeva NFT collection

Angelika Radeva NFTs 2023

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Golden Oath

Green Coke

Red Kiss

Silver Lips

The Yellow Power

“There is always something hidden beyond the visible.” - Angelika Radeva

The world we perceive with our senses often deceives us. This would not be so if it and the objects we perceive are real. It seems that all objects we absorb by our knowledge are simply images or experiences in our mind. They are only subjective views of real objects. Hence the world we seize by our senses is not the real world, but only one of its images. This makes it difficult to determine at what level of description we associate with actual objects that build up the world. While contemplating the pictures we perceive the object based on an internal subjective idea about it. And the object on its own is a deeply hidden form beyond the visible object canvas.