Georgi Marinov NFTs 2024

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I work mainly with classic materials, such as oils, acrylics, graffiti, canvases, papers, etc. I have also made works by mixing paintings with various multimedia materials creating a specific hybrid painting. My interests as an artist are mostly socially oriented, but there’s also the question of a new fictional nature that retains my attention. My main motivation is to analyse the essential contemporary human activities and events. The fears and longings of humans. Their significant self-determination, illusions and delusions. I have tried to recreate all these stimuli and themes and materialize them in a new unreal environment, which has its own system, order and rules. I use metaphorical artistic language, through the play of visual metamorphoses, hybrids and fiction, to look for new meanings, messages and to convey a powerful psychological effect of influence. My goal is to motivate the creative thinking and imagination of the viewer, thus a work becomes open to new interpretations to unlock his inviolable emotions in his conscious and unconscious essence. In this way one can understand more about oneself and the others.