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Mihaela Kamenova NFTs 2024

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As an artist, I have worked in many media, but my main focus is sculpture. I work

both on a large scale and in the field of small sculpture, art medals and coins. In my work,

based on a certain concept, emotion is a major part of the creation. I like to experiment and

provoke myself by working with the material, to treat the shape and surfaces in various

manners. I believe that the use of different materials and means of expression is not an end

in itself, but a consequence of a complex creative process. Art is constantly changing and

using different means of expression depending on the technical achievements and trends of

the era in which it was created. Dynamic changes and constant technological innovations

reflect on the consciousness of the artist and the spectator. New models and practices are

defined, new materials, forms and ideas for impact are experimented with. To a large extent,

contemporary art forms are becoming not an alternative, but a more diverse and different

way of presentation, meeting other requirements and provoking different questions,

offering a new approach to solving some problems. My work is based on these statements

and I will be very happy to present it in this dimension of space, different from the material