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Kaliya Ka NFTs 2024

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Mixed Reality 1


Towers 2

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Kaliya Kalacheva is well known for her work with the urban environment and its strict constructions, in recent years the artist has become increasingly tempted by the transition to the natural and the multi-layered dimensions of the landscape. Kaliya suggests a different idea for landscape. It raises the question of the need to "change the landscape" - one of the oldest genres in art, which requires constant updating to be able to keep up with the present. Through non-traditional techniques and materials, natural and non-natural colors and "pieces" of a changed nature appear to us – unknown and tempting, radiant, shiny, and flickering… Kaliya Kalacheva challenges us to question the obvious and look more closely and deeply into the abstractness of raster formations – a work of intuitive chance. An experience reminiscent of a journey with ever-changing landscapes, scenes, and fast-paced sections of natural scenery, sometimes with inhabited or abandoned "human" structures and buildings.

Text:Teodora Konstantinova (Art & Culture Today)